Immigration and rape in Sweden

Av | september 19, 2018

On Tuesday, a man in Nässjö was arrested for allegedly having raped his teacher in school. His background has not been clarified, but his age (20 years) and the fact that he studies at high school suggests that he belongs to the wave of “unaccompanied adolescents” that arrived in Sweden in 2014-15. If so, one can speculate that he is in fact older. In numerous other cases, including gang rapes, media reports cannot conceal the background of the rapists – and the overrepresentation of immigrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan is conspicuous.

The link between migration and sexual criminality has for a long time been neglected or relativized by Swedish media and authorities. The last official report by BRÅ (National Council on Crime Prevention) is from 2005 and the government refuses to order a new investigation.

Research does, however, confirm the overrepresentation. In a study from 2006, the researcher Anne-Christine Hjelm reveals that 85 of convicted rapists at Svea Court of appeal had non-Swedish background. The victims were mainly Swedish. Another study by Vania Ceccato from 2014 shows that two thirds of suspected rapists in Stockholm in 2008 and 2009 were foreign citizens and mainly “ethnically different”.

I fully understand that this is a sensitive issue and I hope that the reader understands that I am not blaming immigrants collectively. But these crimes are real, the victims are real, and the trend is that sexual criminality is increasing as a result of the immigration wave in 2014-15.

This graph shows the self-reported exposure to sexual criminality according to BRÅ. Note the sharp increase in 2015 and 2016. Fourteen percent of all young women between 16 and 24 state that they were victims of sex offences in 2016.

Recently a team of reporters conducted their own investigation, which was presented in August. It showed that 58 percent of those convicted of rape or rape attempt were born abroad, not including second-generation immigrants. For “sexual assault” (överfallsvåldtäkt), the number was 85 percent. Also among suspected but not convicted rapists, there was an apparent overrepresentation of people born outside the country, who represent about 18 percent in society. The documentary also revealed the reluctance of Swedish criminologists to touch the subject and their tendency to mislead the public.

If you live in Sweden you know why. Negative aspects of asylum-related immigration are either toned down or simply denied by “experts” and by mainstream media.

Sweden usually sees itself as an example for the rest of the world and the present government labels itself “feminist”. Presumably the victims don’t agree.

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