The Social Democrats on the Wrong Side of History

av | 23 september, 2018

In the postelection debate in Sweden, the Social Democrats have launched an appeal referred to as “on the right side of history”. The aim is to deter the center-right opposition from seeking support from the Sweden Democrats to form a new government. 

Olof Palme (S) together with Fidel Castro in Cuba 1975.

The Social Democrats always pretend that their own history is clean, which is far from the reality. In the past, its leading representatives have embraced, sometimes literally, dictators such as Pol Pot, Fidel Castro and Robert Mugabe.

Its youth league (SSU) openly cooperates with hardcore left-wing extremists. When asked about cooperation with, for instance, revolutionary communists Erika Jörgensen (SSU) defends it as follows:

A high representative of the Social Democrats, Veronica Palm, was in 2016 photographed in Angola carrying party symbols of governing, undemocratic MPLA. There are also apparent ties between the Social Democrats and terrorist al Fatah in the Palestinian territories.

Hillevi Larsson poses with map where Israel does not exist.

Veronica Palm has also expressed anti-semitic views and Hillevi Larsson, also a Social Democrat, has posed, smiling, in front of a map where Israel had been erased. To some extent Palm and Larsson may have acted out of ignorance, which can probably not be said about Social Democratic member of Parliament Jamal El-Haj, who has been photographed with a Hamas scarf around his neck.

Adrian Kaba, a Social Democrat active in Malmö, is a believer in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. He has expressed his support for Hamas on his Facebook side and in and in an interview from 2012 he confirmed that Hamas “very possibly” wants to annihilate the Jewish people.

Is this party on the right side of history? No.



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