The Absurdity of Swedish Politics

av | 24 september, 2018

The absurdity of Swedish politics is reaching new levels. Today, a member of the ex-communist Left Party, Lise-Lotte Johnsson Fornarve, became Second Deputy Speaker, in violation of Parliamentary procedures.

Björn Söder, Sweden Democrats.

The Left Party is the fifth biggest party in the Parliament and should normally not have any Speaker post, but Fornarve got direct support by the united left block and also indirect support from the center-right Alliance, who lay down their votes. Quite apparently, this was a move to deprive the Sweden Democrats – 3rd biggest party – from its Deputy Speaker post, impeccably handled by Björn Söder during the previous term. 

It will be very interesting to follow the continuation. Focus is now on the Liberals and the Center Party, both members of the Alliance block. They have pledged to (1) topple the Social Democrats from power and (2) participate in the formation of a new Alliance government, requesting passive support from the same Social Democrats, to let them stay in power.

It belongs to the picture that the Liberals and the Center party together command only 51 out of 349 mandates.

It is, however, highly unlikely that the Social Democrats would passively allow the Alliance to rule. So, either the Center Party will defect to the leftist camp – which they have promised not to do – or we will see a very fragile government, consisting of the Moderate Party and the Christian Democrats, who would need active support both from the above-mentioned Liberals and Center Party plus the Sweden Democrats.

Alternatively, there will be a new election that would, most probably, take us back to square one. Everything boils down to the inability of the other seven parties to deal with the Sweden Democrats, which has now support from 18 percent of the voters (62 mandates).


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