Tomas Brandberg: The Swedish Deep State Reveals Itself

av | 27 september, 2018

This week it was revealed (by that 261 “unpolitical” civil servants at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed a highly political appeal where they question whether they would need to remain loyal to a new political leadership not respecting the “equal value of all humans” (alla människors lika värde). 


To a non-Swedish reader this may seem odd, but the “value” debate clearly rotates around the Sweden Democrats. The problem is that the precise definition of “equal value” is written nowhere at all, but liberals and socialists have granted themselves the right to interpret it at their own will to promote their own opinions and power ambitions.

What the civil servants fear, in reality, is a new government that would be under influence of the Sweden Democrats, which at present seems very improbable. “Equal values”, arbitrarily interpreted, would overshadow the outcome of the election, where (after all) about 60 percent of the voters did not support the leftist block. The leftist block can recruit support from the liberal parties and continue to rule, but then they would need to negotiate an agreement.

The real problem is that civil servants at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot distinguish the democratic process from their own opinions. The lack of judgement to officially sign such an appeal is remarkable, but these informal networks are literally everywhere in the public administration.

A powerful “deep state”, that does not necessarily respect the outcome of an election, reveals itself.

Tomas Brandberg (SD)

Political advisor


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