Av | juli 24, 2019

When Nelson Mandela rotted away in prison in the 1980’s Swedish politicians and celebrities made a point to raise their voices in protest.

Back then Sweden was a beacon for democracy and anti-racism.

Wherever a black man was oppressed or persecuted – the Swedish government tried to intervene.

Case in point: there’s been an ongoing campaign to try to free imprisoned, Eritrean dissident Dawit Isaak. Many Swedish celebrities and journalists have stood up for mr Isaak during these past 15 years.

…but in the curious case of ASAP Rocky the Swedish establishment is, well… curiously silent.

Here we have a jailed black man.

His attackers, two – more or less – white… or off-white… individuals were let go.

And by this point, theories about what is really going on in Sweden have run rampant.…

Our country’s reputation is at stake.

Donald Trump is trolling us – mercilessly.

The other day he called our prime minister “very talented”…

And, yes… maybe that’s an apt, albeit frugal, description, of our Head of Government.

(Koko the monkey was “talented” when she could distinguish between almost a 1000 words..).


A young, black musician is currently wasting away in a dank prison cell in my native Sweden.

While a large number of radical religious extremists are free to roam the streets.…/sapo-tusentals-radikala-islamister-i-s…

It’s a disgrace.

I urge our Talented Prime Minister mr Stefan Löfven and our Beloved Minister for Justice, mr Morgan Johansson, to raise their voices in this sordid scandal.

Of course they cannot – should not – intervene politically, but they SHOULD protest, publically, against the inhuman, degrading treatment of ASAP Rocky.

Just as Stefan Löfven did a few years ago when Swedish author Katerina Janouch made statements in Czech television about the crime situation in Sweden.…/kritik-mot-lofvens-janouch-utt…

”I have a right to an opinion”, he then stated.

Yes, mr Löfven.

You sure do.

Now, stop cowering in silence and speak up.

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