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Tomas Brandberg: The Swedish Deep State Reveals Itself

av | 27 september, 2018

This week it was revealed (by ledarsidorna.se) that 261 “unpolitical” civil servants at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs have signed a highly political appeal where they question whether they would need to remain loyal to a new political leadership not respecting the “equal value of all humans” (alla människors lika värde).    To a… Läs mer »

Is the Alliance Falling Apart?

av | 26 september, 2018

The center-right four party coalition – ”the Alliance” – ruled Sweden from 2006 to 2014 and has since then acted as a very weak but formally united opposition. Analyzing the election result, the Alliance is bigger than the previous government, but one mandate smaller than the entire left block, which would include the Social Democrats,… Läs mer »

Tomas Brandberg: The Swedish Left Party and some of its History

av | 25 september, 2018

Yesterday, the Swedish Left Party got their candidate elected as Second Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, by active support from the leftist block and passive support from the Alliance. So what kind of party is the Left Party? It is a reformed communist party, its name until 1990 was “Left Party the Communists” and… Läs mer »

The Absurdity of Swedish Politics

av | 24 september, 2018

The absurdity of Swedish politics is reaching new levels. Today, a member of the ex-communist Left Party, Lise-Lotte Johnsson Fornarve, became Second Deputy Speaker, in violation of Parliamentary procedures. The Left Party is the fifth biggest party in the Parliament and should normally not have any Speaker post, but Fornarve got direct support by the… Läs mer »

The Social Democrats on the Wrong Side of History

av | 23 september, 2018

In the postelection debate in Sweden, the Social Democrats have launched an appeal referred to as “on the right side of history”. The aim is to deter the center-right opposition from seeking support from the Sweden Democrats to form a new government.  The Social Democrats always pretend that their own history is clean, which is… Läs mer »

‘Post-Truth’ and the Decline of Swedish Education

av | 18 september, 2018

In the last 15–20 years, Sweden has suffered a downturn in several important aspects of the elementary and secondary education system. To begin to illustrate the state of Sweden’s schools, we can make a comparison with the heavily criticized American education system. It is a common and understandable belief, in the U.S. and elsewhere, that Swedish… Läs mer »

Tomas Brandberg: The Swedish Demographic Experiment

av | 17 september, 2018

According to a report from 2017, almost a third (30 percent) of the children in Swedish schools have other native tongues than Swedish. Language skills are, of course, not disadvantageous, but this situation reflects a very dramatic, ongoing change of the Swedish demography. An increasing share of the Swedish population consists of people born outside… Läs mer »

Sweden refuses to deport Palestinian who firebombed a synagogue for fear he will be Israeli target

av | 17 september, 2018

A court in Sweden ruled that a Palestinian man found guilty of throwing a Molotov cocktail at a synagogue cannot be deported to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, prompting a sharp rebuke from Israel. The Court of Appeal for Western Sweden ruled that Feras Alnadim’s “fundamental human rights” would be threatened because he would be at risk of reprisals.… Läs mer »

ProjektSanning now also in English.

av | 14 september, 2018

Now ProjectSanning also introduces articles in English. The idea is to spread information on Swedish politics to international readers. To get to all upcoming articles in English go to the top menu bar and select “News In English”. (Nu introducerar ProjectSanning även artiklar på engelska. Tanken är att sprida information om svensk politik till internationella… Läs mer »