Det är nog bara en tidsfråga innan Sverige drabbas av även detta.

| 15 maj, 2018

Under 2017 hade London återigen rekordmånga syraattacker så antalet ökar för varje år som går.
Sex gånger flera jämfört med år 2012.
Hörde någon talas om detta inom Europa på 60 och 70-talet?
Kommer det även att komma till Sverige?
“There was a record number of acid attacks in London in 2017, police data shows, as perpetrators turn to household cleaning products as weapons.
In response to a freedom of information request by CNN, data from the London Metropolitan Police showed a sharp rise in attacks, with 465 recorded in 2017, up from 395 the previous year and 255 in 2015. The attacks increased six-fold over six years.
Additional police data from the first 11 months of 2017 show that the attacks are predominantly a problem among young males.
More than 75% of suspected attackers and around 60% of victims were between the ages of 10 and 29. In terms of gender, 71% of attackers and 72% of victims were also male.
This is where London bucks the global trend. In many other parts of the world with high numbers of acid attacks, such as South Asia, the act is overwhelmingly carried out by men against women they know.”