Sluta betrakta vargar som harmlösa djur i skogen, tack. De är oberäkneliga rovdjur.

| 8 februari, 2019

Varför tror folk att vargar aldrig anfaller människor?
Har de läst det i en djuraktivistartikel eller hört det från en vilsen miljöpartist i riksdagen?
Vargar och björnar ska man inte betrakta som söta djur i skogen i klass med ekorrarna – de är rovdjur och man kan inte veta hur de reagerar vid ett möte med människan för de agerar instinktivt och på olika sätt från situation till situation.
Här är de vargattacker som skett hittills i år och under 2018. Lusäs beskrivningarna av incidenterna nedan, där flera varit helt oprovocerade, och ställ er frågan: Vad skulle inte kunna ske även här?

Min personliga åsikt om vargjakt är dock att vi ska vara rädd om detta vackra djur och vara stolta över att det finns i våra skogar. Men de individer som vistas för nära människorna måste vi ha noga koll på för vi är definitivt inte trygga då.

“January 26, 2019
Sloboda Village, Stolbtsy District, Minsk Region, Belarus.
Luda and Dmitry were attacked by a rabid wolf in the evening nearby their homes,when they came back from work. Both were injured, in particular the woman had been seriously wounded. With a pitchfork her alarmed husband could chase away the animal , which on its course attacked two more people. The four wounded were referred to the hospital in Stolbtsy. Later the wolf was shot by official servants.
January 24, 2019 Predatory Kashipur Village, Sambhal District, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Playing around their parents who were working nearby in the fields, the two boys were suddenly attacked and dragged away by wolves. Their father and other farmers from the fields could rescue the two children. Due to their serious condition doctors referred the boys to Aligarh.
January 22, 2019 Predatory Alipur Village, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India.
After she was dragged away by wolves, at the end only her skull could be found in the fields
January 13, 2019 Unprovoked Osipenko Village, Berdyansk District, Zaporozhye Oblast, Ukraine.
On two following days two wolf attacks occurred in the same area.In the second attack the wolf jumped on the back of one of the young men who were cutting trees. Together with his partner he managed to kill the beast. Because of legal issues in wood cutting and injured only slightly the two men refused being hospitalized but informed the officials , so that the carcass of the wolf could be burnt and the head sent for rabies examination
January 12, 2019 Unprovoked, Osipenko Village, Berdyansk District, Zaporozhye Oblast, Ukraine.
On two following days two wolf attacks occurred in the same area. In the first incident 3 inhabitants , two women and a man, were attacked and injured. One of the women was seriously bitten in the head causing intensive care.The victims were hospitalized , treated and vaccinated. In the second incident next day a wolf was killed, which showed no rabies in the preliminary examination.
December 30, 2018, Predatory Hakimpur Village, Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India.
The young boy was taken away from the village by wolves. His mutilated body was found 2 days later.
November 29, 2018
Shuvi and Zangayash Village Astara Region, Azerbaijan.
About 8 o’clock in the morning a wolf attacked children and adults on their way to school. Before citizens in a nearby place had already been attacked. At least 7 people were wounded. Finally T. Askerov could kill the beast with a knife getting injured himself seriously, too. All injured victims were hospitalized in Astara Central District Hospital.
November 28, 2018 ,Unprovoked.
Bilasar Village, Lankaran Rayon, Azerbaijan.
In the evening Anar Rajabov was attacked and injured by a wolf. A few minutes later, the wolf attacked the 8th grade student Khalid Gunduz Abdullayev and hurt him. Both wounded were taken to the Central Hospital of Lankaran Region and received necessary medical aid.
June 26. 2018 Unprovoked Przysłup, Podkarpacie region, Poland.
The children played outside when the animal fell on them – the parents could then expel it again. Among other things, the children came to the hospital with bite wounds on their legs. According to media reports, it was not the only alleged wolf or dog attack in the region: there was a suspicion that in mid-June a tourist was bitten by the same animal in a campsite. – Scientists from the department of biology from the University of Warsaw confirmed that the animal that bit three people in June was in almost certainty a wolf.
April 14, 2018 Unprovoked Ust-May Village, Ust-Mayskyi Region, Yakutia, Russia.
Thanks to his two dogs and a shovel, Vinokurov survived the attack unhurt. He was able to enclose the wolf in a boiler room. Later, when police opened the room and were attacked by the wolf or wolflike dog, they shot it. The carcass was sent for rabies testing.
February 20, 2018 Unprovoked Kohangan Village, Semirom County, Isfahan Province, Iran.
In a wolf attack Piotr Zacharski suffered injuries in the hand and shoulder area. Both were transferred to a health center.
January 19, 2018 Rabid Omyt Village, Zarechni District, Rivne Region, Ukraine.
A wolf attacked the woman in the yard when she was busy with the household. First it bit her right arm and then tried to snap her throat. A bucket which she used to protect her throat saved her life as the rabid animal furiously ripped the bucket. A Neighbor shot the wolf which was tested rabid. The attacked lady got the necessary medical treatments.
January 4, 2018 Unprovoked A Village, Koropsky District, Chernihiv Region, Ukraine.
2-3 wolves strayed through a small village. Within 10 hours starting at 9 of them attacked and hurt 4 people. Lina Zaporozhets was saved by her laptop computer. When the wolf bit into it, she could escape through the door of her yard.The injured were treated in the Koropsky Central District Hospital. One of the wolves was shot in the middle of the village and sent to rabies examination.
January 2, 2018 Unprovoked Komarin Village, Bragin District, Belarus.
At intervals of 40 minutes a wolf attacked two men. The first incident occurred around 7 o’clock in the morning, when a man waiting at a bus station was bitten by a wolf. The animal ran away but later attacked another man at a petrol station. The victim tried to fight off the wolf, at some point the animal ran away, and the employee of the gas station let the victim in. The wolf began to scratch the door, but after a while left in an unknown direction. The attacks were documented by CCTV cameras. The injured got medical care and anti-rabies vaccinations. Three days later the wolf was shot by local hunters.”

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