HITTAT PÅ NÄTET. Imagine yourself

You were born in 1900

When you turn 14, World War I starts and ends when you are 18

With a balance of 22 million dead.

Shortly afterwards, a global pandemic, The Spanish flu, will occur, with 50 million people dying.

Fortunately, you are still alive and turning 20 years old.

When you are 29 years old, you survive the global economic crisis that began with the collapse of the New York contribution.

This caused inflation, unemployment and famine all over the world.

Meanwhile, at the age of 33, stuck in Germany, the Nazis come to power.

When you are 39, Germany invades Poland and begins World War II.

It’s finally turning 45 when World War II ends.

Balance: 60 million dead.

6 million Jews die in the Holocaust.

Thank goodness you are still alive …..

When you are 52 years old, the Korean War begins.

When you are 64 years old, the Americans start the war in Vietnam.

You will be 75 years old when this war ends.

Luckily you are still alive ……


A boy born in 1980 believes that his grandparents have no idea how difficult life is, but they survived several wars and disasters, not to mention the restrictions during the first oil crisis in the early century.

Today we find all the comfort in a new world but unfortunately in the middle of a new pandemic.

People complain that they have to stay home for weeks

While they have electricity, cell phones, food, hot water and a secure roof over their heads.

None of that existed in those times.

But humanity survived these circumstances and they never lost their joy in life.

Today we complain that we may have to wear face masks to enter supermarkets later.

A small change in our thoughts and mentality can work miracles.

We will thank those who are still alive and we will do everything we need to protect and help each other.

I think this message makes everyone think and also needs to reach it.

Vi behöver ditt stöd!

Donera till oss – för yttrandefrihet och det fria ordet.

Vi har inte presstöd, reklamintäkter, låsta artiklar eller dyra prenumerationer.

Varje gåva är betydelsefull.

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Författare: Henrik Lilja Rönnquist

Redaktör och Art Director för PS